Brave Trials: West Legends

Brave Trials: West Legends is an online multiplayer RPG strategy game. You’ll be playing as a courageous and intelligent bounty hunter in the Wild West, who got caught up in a conflict between capitalists and Red Rock town while chasing after a bounty. You’ll be taking over the duties of Red Rock’s elderly sheriff to do battle against the capitalists. It’s up to you to protect and develop the town, arm the townspeople with weapons, and expand your territory. And that’s not all! You’ll also have to defend against outside threats in this lawless land!

Unique points
Experience the Wild West as it once was in this broad and realistic world.

Amazing next-generation 3D art
Revel in the realistic Wild West map and the detailed building designs. Enjoy the story-filled character designs and console-game quality art on your phone.

Complete Bounties
Complete various bounties to earn your rewards. However, you’ll end up in many situations where you’ll be forced to make a decision. What type of person would you like to become in the Wild West?

Unique Battle Style
Experience various battle styles in the game! Each Hero troop will have their own unique skills when you’re playing in normal stages. However, you’ll get a new battle experience when it comes to large-scale gunfights, for that’s when your Heroes will turn into commanders!
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