Boom Hero: Tactical Combat Game

Boom Hero is the new type of combat experience. Elegant and easy gun handling in two steps – aim, and tap on the trigger to shoot! No more complicated gun controls. We made it simple. It can be played with one thumb only!

Free Shooting Game

Dive into epic adventure with Boom Hero. Jump into the shooting arena, and enjoy real battle action with mechanical war robots bosses.

Modern weapons:

? Shoot enemies with a pistol, or destroy them with a shotgun.
? Make rain of bullets from a submachine gun.
? Eliminate bad guys by assault rifles.
? Devastate armored cars, helicopters, and war robots by explosions of RPG’s projectiles.
? Make ultimate accurate headshots with a sniper rifles.

Upgrade your skills, weapon, and equipment

Take the right equipment for the battle arena – bulletproof vest and helmet. Collect blueprints on the battle field to upgrade your weapon, ammunition, and equipment to resist shots of sniper assassins. Get full metal jacket (FMJ) bullets for you weapon. Improve your skills to aim and shoot more effectively.

True Shooter

If you like FPS tactical actions, or sniper games, Boom Hero will become your favorite shooter!

Over a hundred of unique levels. Challenging missions. This 3D-shooter involves you from the first shots.

Take the challenge to play professional commando against the whole army of enemies. Soldiers of fortune, airborne troops, armada of mercenaries, heavily armored tanks, and helicopters with machine guns are waiting for you in the war-zone.

Are you ready for shooting? ?

Join the Boom Hero – Tactical Combat Game. Tap and shoot them All!

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