Blade of Avengers

Blade of Avengers is a game that combines deck-building and territory mode.

Want to experience intense fighting effects with gorgeous picture quality? Or do you want to deal with powerful enemies by using unlimited card decks? You can fully enjoy the fun of playing cards in this game.

You’ll become the commander of a team named Blade of Avengers, recruiting powerful characters, establishing a defensive territory, using various strategies and leading your team members to conquer the enemies who invade their homeland!

Game Features:
● There are three main occupations and seven characters in the game. Play your own strategy by building unlimited decks.
● Collect more than 200 exquisite card decks to build up your team, and fight against with the enemies.
● Manage your own territory, flexibly arrange defensive formations and guards, and enjoy the exciting battle between tower defense and card battle.
● Step by step in endless trials, overcome various disadvantages, and create the most powerful character.
● Open the arena for a limited time and play against players in real time.
● Cooperate with teammates in the League of Nations to grab a stronghold to occupy territory.
● Single-finger vertical screen gameplay, amazing combat performance unlike previous card games.
● The protagonists have all appeared, and more mysterious characters will join in the future.

The team has been assembled! Join us, build a deck, guard the territory, and save our lost homeland together!

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