Bioocean Fantasy

Swords, Spells, Airships, Treasures and the Sky Tree…
I’m glad the path has led you to see this.

It’s hard to unfold our story… as it begins when the world ends.

I hope you will get prepared to step into a world of discovery, and find out what has become the kingdom of Trees – the Bioocean.

There will be Humans, Fairies, and countless monsters.

You will brave the dangerous to battle towering enemies in the wilderness and gather precious resources that you will need to build your base.

Hundreds of ancient ruins dot the landscape, which are guarded by all kinds of monsters. Conquer them and you will earn rewards plus special items.

But you must summon heros and gather a strong party first. I cannot imagine any one could overcome these alone.

Oh, one more thing.
Properly equip your hero. You will get paid back when they are on the battlefield with equipment in tip-top condition.

I had too much talk. Let’s begin the journey…
Good Luck.

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