Bingo Park

Prepare for a game of Bingo in your very own Bingo Park? Activate a slew of fun mini games by filling your Bingo cards. Just pick a Bingo room to get the party started!

Cards with a wide variety of themes and fantastic 3D mini games await you. Combine cards to unlock even more mini games! Start a round by picking your favorite card pack, and spin the prize wheel multiple times a day to stock up on more.

During the game, balls will pour down the chute on the site of the screen – tap on the corresponding numbers on the card to fill it out with balls and collect points. Snappy 10-second mini games will allow you to rake in even more points!

In the mini games, you’ll harvest fruits and veggies, complete picture puzzles, scratch free points, find lost objects, crack high scores, build cakes, overcome obstacles, and more! If you like a game you’ve unlocked by combining cards, you’ll be able to play it again!

Secure your spot in the online high scores by playing a round of Bingo with other players!

You can see if you’ve already completed a card set in your card gallery. Each completed set will reward you with a prize!

Use chat to communicate with other players while playing Bingo and share achievements or exchange fun emojis.

In your Bingo Park, you’ll find everything from skill games to strategy games – there’s something for everyone.

? Discover new card themes
? Conquer the high scores
? Share your achievements with fellow players
? Fill your Bingo cards
? Collect points by playing mini games

Show the world that Bingo is a game for young and old!

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