Big Helmet Heroes

Customize your hero and unleash his power in this unique idle PvP game!

Craft your weapons, armors and shield, develop your skills and upgrade your hero. Get ready for epic tournaments and let your hero fighting for you.

Features :
* Be the master of loots : Craft, upgrade and improve your hero to beat other players
* Get ready for a fast and hilarious combats
* Discover several items to craft, to assemble to create your unique set of weapon, armor or shield
* Find your friends and fight against them, show them who is the boss!

Futur update coming :
* Create a powerful guild and rules the arena! Participate in Tournaments to win unique loot.
* Participate to a fantastic and epic Journey in the campaign mode, and unlock new items!
* Unlock new amazing skins for your helmets!

Get the game now for free and become the Hero of the Arena!

* Missions: achieve some mission to improve your stats or earn some gems!
* Booster (Boutique): Buy the Timer Booster to get free combats recharching every 30 minutes instead of 1 hour
* Hero: upgrade your hero to level 40!
* Items: upgrade items to level 12!

Other improvements:
* UI improvements for settings
* UI for player info : check all details of your hero
* Ranking: visit other players
* Loot: click on the items to show the details

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