Ben 10 Alien Race

The Tennysons are out camping. While Grandpa is busy chatting with Gwen by the bonfire, Ben takes a walk around. Highly bored and un-amused, Ben wanders off into the forest and accidentally discovers a mysterious watch, The Omnitrix. The Omnitrix grants Ben the ability to transform into different aliens, each with their own awesome powers. Meanwhile back at the camp, Ben’s cousin sister Gwen is abducted by the evil Steam Smythe and his minion. With all the newly discovered Super Alien Powers, will Ben be able to save his family?

Beating the bad guys is just part of the superhero gig. Discover many of the adventurous locations in one of the best casual games on Android. Get set for a rescue adventure. Make it through the Camp, the Desert, the forsaken Night City, Future City and the mysterious Alien World. Tackle all the challenges across these exciting worlds to find Max and Gwen and get them back home safely.

Explore the quirkier side of things in Ben 10 Alien Race while you encounter many of Ben’s enemies. Fight the likes of Vilgax, Dr. Amino, and Zombozo. Follow Hex through portals to travel across different worlds and go for Boss Fights to unlock new levels and keep looking for Gwen and Max. All the villains and their minions come with very specific characteristics in terms of looks and super-abilities. Some can fly while some can shoot lasers. So stay alert on your adventure and stay clear of the attacks.

With so many Villains and monsters around, only Ben and the Omnitrix can save the day. The Omnitrix helps Ben transform into various alien forms like Four Arms, Heatblast, Cannonbolt, Diamond Head and XLR8. All of them have their own super-powers. While Four Arms has incredible strength and can throw huge rocks, Cannonbolt can curl into a motorized wheel moving at great speed and run over enemies. Heatblast has the ability to generate intense heat and fire from his body. Diamond Head can transform his limbs into diamond weapons such as blades and bludgeons and XLR8 can run at extreme speeds and can pass though anything. Play this exciting game and unleash the power of all the alien forms to blast some baddies.

While on your mission to bring Gwen and Max back to safety from the hands of evil villains, you can choose your ride to follow them across all locations. Choose from the Rustbucket, Muscle Car, Monster Truck etc. Win levels and open chests to collect coins. Use the coins to buy items and customize your car. Paint them in your favourite color. Install your choice of Headlights, Wheels or Beacons.

The fun is unlimited with Ben 10 Alien Race. Play from an array of mini-games also available within the game. Tap to pop balloons or solve exciting visual puzzles. Test your memory or match shapes.


  • Play as Ben and his many alien forms
  • Complete Missions to get Coins
  • Use Coins to customize your car
  • Travel across various locations
  • Tackle minions and Fight Bosses
  • Unlock Aliens by completing levels

Download the game and share it with your friends. Have fun with Ben and his amazing watch, The Omnitrix.

  • This game is optimized for tablet devices.

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