BattleLive: Zombie & Human – BattleRoyale MOBA

“Apocalypse where human and zombie co-exist…
Welcome to …!”

-Real MOBA action beyond mobile capability!
-Thrilling experience in Free-for-All Deathmatch Multiplay!

■ Realtime multiplay deathmatch battleroyale!
Join the battle royale style thrilling survival, free-for-all.
Rewards awaits to the champion in an endless PVP match.

■ Enjoy the real MOBA action in mobile platform!
Confident in your control skill?
MOBA/DotA-like/AOS elaborate fights, casually enjoyable in your mobile.

■ Sighted Human VS Susceptible Zombie, unique asymmetric battle!
Zombie acutely rely on sound, as they are deaf.
Try out the game widely known for it’s originality in many game shows.

■ Upgrade various individual characters!
Human/Zombie, Tanker/Dealer/Range, Dash/Stun/Slow…
Each battler has unique style of skillset to be explored.

(Still in beta test and account info will not be saved)