Battle Rally

A new shoot’em up racer is in town! Find yourself at the starting line with eleven other racers equipped with their own unique combat abilities. Master and level up each character as you successfully race and battle around the track on your way to a first place finish!

Ready, Set, Shoot!

Are you a fighter or a racer?
You can fight your way past your enemies, or you can weave your way through traffic and obstacles as you speed past the field on your way to victory! Master each technique to hone your perfect play style.

Travel Across the Galaxy
Unlock and discover new worlds. Race across a variety of tracks, avoid obstacles and overcome all challenges.

Collect all the Racers
Each racer is equipped with unique abilities that you can master on your way to victory! Explore and upgrade your favorites as you finish first and beat all challengers.

Upgradable Characters
Level up your characters, getting strong and faster as you master combat and speed and win races. Change your cores and master different racing styles!

Be rewarded from daily logins, completing goals and finishing races. Collect coins and a variety of items as you upgrade and improve your racing crew.

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