Baby Nom Noms

Baby Nom Noms are cute critters that just want to eat YUMMY foods! But an EVIL wizard has stolen all their delicious treats and trapped them in magical floating bubbles. OH SNAP!!! What’s a Baby Nom Nom to do?!

After all, what is a Baby Nom Nom without its food??? It’s just a BABY. And who likes babies? Well, everyone obviously! Babies are SUPER cute. But that’s besides the point!

It’s a good thing Baby Nom Noms can jump… and BOUNCE! 

Help these kawaii critters by launching them HIGH into the sky. Bounce them off conveniently-shaped objects in their world. WIN. THAT. FOOD. (WTF for short)

Baby Nom Noms is an arcade-y puzzle game with over 50 puzzles to solve and 5 worlds to unlock and more being added regularly. 

Jump, Bounce, and Eat your way to victory. Unlock all the levels. Collect every single adorably cute Baby Nom Nom. Hurry before it’s too late! Winter is coming!!!

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