Avalon — Space Adventure RPG

Avalon — Space Adventure RPG. “Rise of the machines” in space

Do you need a role-play offline game with a fascinating plot? Welcome to the Avalon spaceship!
You have appeared on the grandiose starship, which is moving to another galaxy. Now, only you are able to fight with the evil computer and save the spaceship from the destroying. The gameplay of the RPG is based on fighting with robots and bosses, searching for necessary tools, crafting new weapons and solving riddles, which will finally bring you to victory.

This RPG is not a pay-to-win game, does not have microtransactions. In addition, Internet is not required to play.

Avalon has gone to outer space, in order to reach the distant galaxy. The path is going to be long, the ship’s team is helped by friendly robots led by a supercomputer. The relationships between machines and people are perfect, they help each other in joint works and researches.
Suddenly, the treacherous virus penetrates right to the control center of the artificial brain and the Main computer annihilates almost all the people. Only one survived and his goal is to save his life and the spaceship. The journey starts!

You are an ordinary crewmate of the ship, but at one moment, your life changes and now you need to demonstrate your full potential. Fight with the bosses, upgrade the character, improve weapons and solve exciting puzzles to go to the next level. The character moves from room to room on the ship, over and over meeting new enemies. At the end of the game, he will have a battle with the Main Boss, a supercomputer infected with a virus.

The game contains several ordinary robots that are able to use close fight techniques. Defeating them, you will meet more and more formidable opponents – these are robot bosses. To fight with them, you will need to craft or find more advanced weapons.
The main boss is an evil computer with an ingenious protection system.

Concise and stylish sci-fi design. The screen of your smartphone turns into the room of the ship: a warehouse, a greenhouse, a corridor, etc. You need to go through all the rooms to get into the most remote cellar, where the main enemy is waiting for you.

Download the game to discover all the secrets of the Avalon spaceship!


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