Astral Soul Awaken

[Game Features]
★Official authorization, classics of fighting ★
The game adapted from the famous fantasy novel “Astral Soul Awaken.” The picture of 3D HD quality reproduces the fantastic divine land. You can use relaxed Practice as a protagonist in the book. Experience awakening of the soul in stars, devil demon in this world, fighting with the monster, sword that dominates all of the earth, and other classic stories!

★Equipment by fighting, and you can freely trade it ★
Attack Boss will drop orange and red high-quality equipment. High drop rate of multiple items, powerful fairy equipment helps you quickly rising to the top! There are also auction houses to support the free trading of equipment, materials, and items on all servers. The selling with independent pricing is exceeding fair. It is not a dream to seize the business opportunity.

★ Pleasant experience, personality changes★
Fantastic wings, flying freely in the sky. Chaotic Roc, Magic Mecha, Devil Ghost, there is a wealth of treasure in the Particle world. Various mount and spirit servants for your choice! And you can experience the super fun gameplay in the game like the Truth Or Dare, Sweet Marriage, cultivate servants, the incarnation and so on!

★ Degage explore, abundant benefit ★
Get the lucky aura at the beginning, relaxed experience plentiful welfare. Take the super high income even when you idle, Rapid upgrade, and transfer the most top class faultlessly. Recruit friends team will have a super high explosion rate!

★ Unique style of gameplay ★
Hunt the Demon beast, Kill the wild BOSS, Fighting side by side on the peace of mystical land, excitingly battle with real players on Sumeru battlefield…..There are also have clans, artifact trials, cross-server League matches, and the most famous ladder competition. All kinds of PVE, PVP gameplay for you to choose. Of course, massive rewards are waiting for you!

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