Artefak Story: Records of The Chosen

Nina and the Realm rely on you!
Collect and recite the records to get rid of The Forbiddens.

The Realm had been in a long-lasting peace until Forbiddens reappeared once again. They make chaos, disasters, and the Realm is now crumbling. It’s said you could only fight Forbiddens by reciting records. However, it’s been ten years since the last time someone could recite them. And yet, you find yourself able to read the records. Then maybe… Maybe you could recite them too.

・Challenging memory gameplay
・Match cards, use area skills, heal yourself with items, avoid traps
・Visual novel style story with an ending
・Beautiful original artworks
・Hundred stages to play
・Various stage modes and places
・Various characters to unlock and meet
・And many more to find out!


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