Ancient Fantasy

Play as a hero to explore the legend in the Land of Gase with worldwide players and countless heroes in game.

Game Features

– Over 200 Heroes from 6 Factions
You could summon, grow and fight with over 200 heroes from the Element, Human, Orc, Elf, Saint, and Immortal Factions. Build your ELITE team with those heroes now!

– Idle Gameplay, Bounty Rewards
Get rid of the repeated “fast challenges”, focus on the core part only. EXP, Equipment, Advance items, gold, etc…The idle system guarantees you bounty rewards during your offline time.

– Global Arena, Compete for the TOP
Gear up and strengthen your CHAMPION team, challenge players all over the world. No boundary in this game! See who will step up as a TOP Player in the Arena!

– Smart Formation, Key to Victory
Make good use of the restraint relationship among factions, plan your battle formation wisely is the key to victory! Do not forget the camping buff. No wit, no win!

– Strong Tribe, Hold together
Create and build your own strong tribe with your mates. Powering up together with the Tribe tech, enjoy the fun from defeating bosses one by one together. You will never be alone in this game!

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