Alliance Land

Enjoy the real fun from the slg game. As a leader, the outcome of the war depends on your judgment. Build, collect, develop, devise strategies…To be a daredevil strong warrior or a powerful commander of the battlefield. All in《Alliance Land》
After The Land of Myrlan is united by The Lord of Light, the defeated were exiled from the country, become barbarians. The light of peace envelope the Myrlan Land. Until on day…
The lord of light was assassinated when he was seriously ill. The kingdom having no proper successor, the empty throne gave birth to hidden ambition. The barbarians took the opportunity to declare war, trying to make a comeback. The Land of Myrlan has stuck in the grip of war once again. My brave warrior, Myrlan Land needs you. Great Genghis Khan, Oda Nobunaga, ZhaoYun, XiangYu…they will fight for peace with you together.
【Command a big army with the assistance of heroes】
The famous emperors and generals in the history of the world responded to the call, showing the famous strategies and martial arts in history, fighting for you, and commanding the army. Alexander, Cleopatra, Xiang Yu, Genghis Khan, Takeda Shingen… will follow your orders here!
【Unlock the mist region, searching for rich resources】
Unique mist war system, waiting for you to send scouts to explore! There are crises and opportunities lurking in the fog, land rich in resources and suitable for building city-states, great relics, historical relics, and army city-states and barbarians of hostile civilizations suddenly appear. I believe you will be able to use your resourcefulness andcourage to build the strongest empire in this land full of opportunities!
【Civilization collision. Reappear famous campaign in the history】
Collision of civilizations. Three major beliefs: Gaia, the god of earth, Ares, the god of war, and Thoth, the god of wisdom, etc. grant different belief buff. Chinese military generals, Japanese samurai, Viking warriors, English knights, Mongolian iron cavalry…, troops with rich civilization characteristics are on the same battlefield, recreating a magnificent epic battle.
【Occupy mysterious ruins to obtain the supreme power】
There are many ancient ruins scattered across the continent. Among them, the supreme divine power of ancient gods remains, attracting countless war alliance empires. Whoever can defeat the Servant of God and win the competition with other war alliances can exercise divine power in the territory and gain supreme power by occupying the ruins. Players from all over the world are competing fiercely for the same server. Let’s go out to the Temple of Omniscience in the center of the continent!
【Take part in a major siege. Game by brilliant strategy】
Thousands of people are on the same server, participating in super-large siege battles. All of city-states will stuck in the flames of war. On the unrestricted free sandbox world map, the battle situation changes rapidly. Arms restraint, hero characteristics, city defense fortresses, logistical supplies and other factors will affect the outcome of the war. As a leader, you need to use all favorable conditions to overcome the enemy and win.
【A fierce battle between alliances. Combat with multiple threads and war units】
Gather brothers to form the strongest alliance. Allies reinforce and cooperate with each other, supply resources to each other, and fight against strong enemies together. Surrounding enemy to save allies, making noises and attacking the west, empty city plans… All kinds of historical scenes have the opportunity to restore them one by one. Play epic collaborations with your teammates to achieve unprecedented victories, and you will be the next strategist!

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