Alice Minesweeper Saga

▶ Alice’s messy story
Alice Story with Fun Animation!
If you’ve seen “Alice in Wonderland,” you can enjoy it, if you haven’t, even more!
Forget the Alice story everyone knows! Unpredictable storytelling!

▶ Exciting Adventure with Choice
Adventures vary by user choice!
Your choice may determine Alice’s fate…
Will Alice be able to return home safely?

▶ Familiar but fresh mine-hunting puzzle
I don’t like boring puzzles or difficult puzzles anymore!
Enjoy the Minesweeper puzzle game that everyone knows with moving characters!
Do we have to find a mine? You can clear it just by avoiding it!

▶ Nervous competition
Unlimited mode of competition and generous rewards!
The World of Minesweeper Puzzles Enjoying in Various Ways
Enjoy the world’s hidden masters in many ways!


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