Alchemy War2: Clash of Magic

This is “Alchemy War2: Clash of Magic”, the demon kings are back.

Tired of playing as a hero and a knight? Now join the Real-time strategy game Alchemy War2: Clash of Magic! Choose the evil side, be the Great Devil!

Once upon a time, there was an old alchemy continent inhabited by fairies, witches, enchanted trees and all sorts of magical creatures. The Great Devil masters the alchemy magic and rules the alchemy world in a tyrannical way.
Dissatisfied with the rule of the Great Devil, six justice knights conspire to defeat the Great Devil with magic, make him fell into a deep sleep. From then on, people lived in peace and happiness.
However, the power of evil never dies…
Finally one day, The Great Devil was awakened by his faithful servant!

Now, It’s time to start your revenge journey! Recapture everything that belongs to you! Bring blood and nightmare to this continent again!

Game Features:
?1. Real-time strategy game
-Arrange troops based on biological characteristics before battle
-Selective release of Combo skill in battle
-Boss level slight operation control position

?2. Many magical creatures
-6 unique races: humans, orcs, wilderness, undead, demons and fantasy
-More than 50 kinds of wonderful creatures, armed with equipment
-Train creatures to unlock more breakthrough skills

?3. Multiple layout combinations
-According to racial restraint, form the best lineup for each battle
-According to the combination of skills, form a linkage lineup
-According to the attack range and the characteristics of the creature, match the position of the creature

?4. Various game modes
-Classic campaign: Unlock the story line of the alchemy continent and meet more wonderful NPC
-Elite Challenge: Challenge elite Boss to obtain materials for biological skills
-Interesting copy: Raiders interesting copy, get rich rewards
-Endless challenge: endless challenge, more interesting and strategic
-Large-scale city battle: Join a powerful guild. Plunder resources in a huge territory battlefield
-Arena: occupy the world’s first place in the competition with players

?5.Roguelike exploration
-Ruin Mode: Roguelike mode matching the current combat power
-More random events: turntable rewards, mystery shop, random rewards, random BUFF, mysterious underground palace
-Strategy plus randomness: Strategy chooses the route that matches your combat power. Find the underground palace, defeat the boss, plunder resources.

Conquer this continent and explore the world of alchemy magic.
Experience the matching of creatures, release their magic, and fight the enemy in the mist.
Compete with real people in the arena.
Collect and experience creatures of 6 major races (humans, orcs, wilderness, undead, demons, fantasy).
Become famous in a large battlefield.

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