Age of Aeonia

Titans used their supernatural powers to shape many races in Aeonia.

These races come in all shapes and sizes. They live in packs, shining with the brilliance of civilization throughout the continent.

For survival, for glory, or to control the wheel of time, they brought the flames of war to this continent once so beloved by the gods…

【Magical realm Variety of races】
Dwarves, Elves, Liches, Dragons among many others, the battle for glory is about to start!

【Troop formations, drums of war echo】
Strategic deployment and matching of heroes and units; the battle’s outcome is in your hands!

【Epic heroes, collect them all】
Unlock the Summoners’ Gate, and summon warriors to fight for you.

【Start your journey, explore the unknown】
Instantly unlock fog exploration, and enjoy a panoramic view of a world with wonders.

【Fantasy world Legendary stories】
A new era of Aeonia has begun, YOU will write its legends.


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