Lose yourself on a mysterious mission of retrieving the containment object CBRN-Q2, and solve the eldritch puzzle while experiencing immersive TPS gunfire shooting and exciting bullet hell. Expect the most unexpected things to happen during this epic adventure through a sinister open world full of supernatural horror and challenging tasks.  

Beta Version

Created With Lovecraftian Inspirations
A showdown of ancient creatures begins! Go on the hunt for giant epic BOSSES from the classic cosmic horror, and get closer to the legends and myth.

Simple & Beginner-Friendly Controls
Move freely on the wide open map, and the smooth firing & aiming controller settings promise the easiest and fastest killing experience in an ultimate realistic universe supported by stunning virtual graphics. 

Discover The Riddles
Unlock the stories after completing each mission to reveal the truth behind the strange events. Follow the clues carefully, otherwise you could be trapped in your own mind.

Ambush, Snipe & Free Fire – Explore All Battle Modes
Use wisely your guns and weapons, and test your attack strategy on infinite variety of endless combat options and levels and dive into thrilling crossfire warfare. How many rounds could you survive on your own?

Depth Of RPG Features
You won’t be alone entering this fight! Collect various heroes to build your own expedition squad. Raise their skills, power and combat levels by gearing them up to assist you in battles.

A Fair Loot Shooter
Gain & win great loots and rewards for your combat efforts.

The team is ready, guns are loaded, warframes are on, so wait no longer to answer to your call of duty!
This is only the beginning and your mission won’t end until all containment breaches are restored!

Network connection is required.
AfterBreach is free to download and play. Some in-app items can also be purchased for real money. In-app purchases can be disabled through your device’s settings.

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