ACT: Antiterror Combat Teams

Join intense Battle Royale action in this unique top-down PvP mobile shooter. Don’t rush and stay alert – the enemy can be hiding behind every corner. Select your operatives, equip them with all the weapons and gear you want and head off to complete the mission!

ACT: Antiterror Combat Teams is:
– Dynamic Battle Royale matches that require tactical skills and well-coordinated teamwork;
– A huge map for both open combat and stealth ambushes;
– More than 25 weapon units and dozens of pieces of equipment;
– 4 operatives, each with their own unique abilities and arsenal.

ACT: Antiterror Combat Teams is a military team-based top-down shooter where you can show off your Battle Royale player skills. Explore the battlegrounds, find the best spots to gain tactical advantage, support your teammates and learn how to use your operatives’ abilities to maximize your firepower!

Team up with friends and dominate the map! Shoot everyone in your way, collect useful loot to increase your power, switch between your soldiers on the death screen, and be aware of the narrowing active zone!

Stay alert at all times and anticipate enemy moves – your vision is limited by the terrain.

Choose the one that fits you best – Tank, Sniper, Medic and more. Each operative is unique, each with their own arsenal of weaponry and special abilities and, consequently, different playstyle.

Master ACT: Antiterror Combat Teams easily and quickly break into the heart of the battle. Even if you are new to the world of top-down shooters, you will become familiar with the game controls in no time.

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