Ace Commando

Ace Commando is a stealth and action-packed shooter game for the mobile. 
✔ This military themed game has multiple missions backed with an interesting plot.
✔ You as player can use stealth or brawl it out against various AI enemies. 
✔ You also get to complete other mission objectives, collect cash and fight bosses. 
✔ With each mission you get currency and experience points, which which you can buy new weapons and skins to upgrade the power level.

Multiple Levels and Locations
✔ Multiple combat and stealth missions spread over multiple environments. 
✔ Locations have different enemies, new missions and objectives for the player. 

Over 20 Real World Weapons
✔ Multiple real-world weapons each with different stats and realistic visual and sound effects.

Realistic and High Fidelity Graphics
✔ Ace Commando is designed with realistic and high-quality graphics. 
✔ It has smooth combat controls and game-play.

Award Winning Game
?Ace Commando has been selected by Google for their first ever Indie Games Accelerator Asia-Pacific in Year 2018.

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