Abyss 9

No more complicated tasks!
A simple yet action-focused RPG. Just what you wanted.

A pure soul has fallen into the deepest pit of Hell.
The ninth journey to escape.
“We‘ve walked through Hell 8 times.”

There was a saintess.
She was sent to Hell on behalf of the sins of humans.
Lucifer, the ruler of Hell, stole her name and wrote it in his book, dropping her to the deepest bottom of hell.
Turning immortal, despair weighed her down, as she was trapped, destined to never escape Hell.
Until she met a Hero…

Taking on the role of a guide, she starts a journey with the Hero to confront Lucifer and take back her name.
However, she finishes each journey in defeat, Lucifer‘s continuous victories send her tumbling down to the bottom of the pit again and again.
After 8 defeats, the 9th journey begins. The Hero and Guide start a new challenge.


APK: https://apkcombo.com/apk-downloader/?q=kr.co.baobabnet.guild

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