Star Assault

Star Assault is a fast-paced strategy game for mobile devices. Build structures and deploy troops to defeat hostile aliens (PvE) and enemy space commanders (PvP) in real-time! Victory will be bestowed upon the commander with superior strategies in Star Assault!

Experience Real-time PvP Warfare
Brace yourself for fast-paced intergalactic PvP warfare! Enlist in ranked matches against other commanders in the galaxy. Use the simple and effective control system to command single units or the entire fleet with a single tap. Every combat unit and opponent has its own strength and weaknesses. Use various combinations and tactics to create your winning war strategies!

Defend Against Hostile Invaders
Raid alien planets for epic rewards! Build your defenses and deploy your troops on an alien planet. Defend your base against 12 waves of enemy clans to secure rewards. Every campaign is harder than the last. Your troops will depend on your strategic command to achieve victory!

Power Up With Tech Tree Upgrades
Technological advancements are a vital part of building your winning strategy! Collect unit and structure cards to upgrade your fleet. The technology tree shows the dependency of the advance units and structures. Your knowledge and advancement of your tech tree will determine victory or defeat!

Form Alliances With Other Commanders
Unite with other star commanders to form alliances! As part of the alliance, you can request for unit and structure cards from your comrades, engage in friendly training battles and more. Use their support to your advantage and further your ambition to be a star commander!

Be An Elite Space Fleet Commander
Compete against commanders from around the world for elite supremacy! Climb the ranks of the global and local leagues to be the star commander of the season. You can also compete against other commanders and guilds to emerge as the top campaigner or guild.

Your troops await your command! Play Star Assault now.

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