RiotZone Gets Purification By Fire Update

To ARMS! Mail.RU Games today unveiled a HOT new update for their fast paced PVP war title, Riot Zone. Free to play from anywhere without any downloads, these new gameplay additions bring even more excitement to the game making it more approachable to new players, while refining high level play for veterans.  With today’s update both factions will compete against each other in a specially designated battle and in addition, players can look forward to the new mission “Purification By Fire”.  With the newest update it has never been a better time to join the resistance at and sign up via email or Facebook connect.

Flamethrowers have been spotted in the Dictator’s ranks! Things are getting serious in Merania!

Amigos: for your first successful completion of the mission “Purification by Fire” you will receive a sign that gives you VIP status for a day, a parameter redistribution card and a target shooting manual.

The next time you complete the “Purification by Fire” mission you will receive additional manuals to train your mercenaries. The mission is available from level 10 and up and will run for one week.

As part of today’s new update new and more intense confrontations were added and now both factions can compete against each other in a specially designed battle.  That means the arch-enemies Ernesto Skarone and Francesco Ventri will be able to pit their strengths face to face in the new battle “Conflict of Interests”.

With today’s update the event mission “Ship Assault” has been removed.

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